Owning A Color Your Carpet® Franchise:

7 Steps to Success

1.  Initial Contact:

             Receive Information From Our Web Site or Via Other Means

Objective: Learn about franchising, franchises and specifically our unique services and our International franchise opportunity

2.  Before Your 1st Interview:

             Read www.carpetdyeing.com Website Thoroughly
             Read www.colorcarpet.com Website Thoroughly
             Read www.coloryourcarpet.com Website Thoroughly
             Read www.carpet411.com Website Thoroughly
             Read www.franchise411.com Website Thoroughly
             Prepare Initial Questions About Franchise
             Call or Email us to Schedule 1st Interview
             Contact Color Your Carpet® Franchisor via Email or Telephone

Objective: Determine Your Interest in Proceeding

3.   Your 1st Interview with Franchisor (via telephone):

             Discuss Initial Questions About Franchise
             Review Your Business & Financial Goals
             Complete the Confidential Franchise Questionnaire (ZIQ)

             Or, Mail Confidential Franchise Questionnaire to our offices at:  

Color Your Carpet, Inc.
9733 Elaine Road
Jacksonville, FL 32246 USA
: Determine Your Qualifications & Our Mutual Interest in Proceeding

4.  Your 2nd Interview with Franchisor (Telephone):

             Private Link Provided to our Franchise Disclosure document(FDD) online
             Read/Print Out FDD Online
             Sign & Return Acknowledgement of FDD Receipt
             Receive Exhibit A & B (Franchise Agreement & Color Your Carpet, Inc. Financials)

Objective: Develop Comprehensive Understanding of FDD & Obligations

5.  Due Diligence Tasks:

             Determine Your Own Business & Financial Capabilities
             Conduct Interview With Franchisee
             Locate & Evaluate Competition if Any
             Interview Carpet Stores & Carpet Cleaners
             Obtain Professional Legal & Finance Advice

Objective: Verify Viability & Marketability

6.  Your 3rd Interview with Franchisor (Telephone)  

             Confirm Availability/Choice of Desired Territory
             Discuss Potential Territory Expansion Plan

Accept or Reject Territory and Franchise Offer

Objective: Franchisor Initial Decision to Grant Franchise

7.  Your Final Interview with Franchisor:

Investigate & Observe Color Your Carpet® System & Process

             Visit to Color Your Carpet® Headquarters
             Visit to Color Your Carpet® Franchisee Location

Objective: Make Final Decision to Purchase Franchise

Implement Franchise:
Approve Territory
Execute Franchise Agreement
Sign Territory Agreement
Pay Franchise Fee
Pay Equipment & Inventory Fee
Schedule Training Class
Receive Manuals
Reserve Business Telephone Number
Secure Close Out Date for Yellow Pages
Locate Van & Set Up Van Financing
Implement Franchisee Initial Set Up Agenda  Business Plan

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